Lucid Lite

LucidShape is the most powerful and advanced computer aided designing software for lighting design tasks. It's friendly and very extensive user-interface enables engineers from all over the world to create all kinds of reflectors and other lighting applications in very short time.

  • computer aided lighting
  • calculate lighting geometry
  • form follows function
  • fast simulation & analysis

LucidShape Version 2.0

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LucidShape G

LucidShapeG is a powerful software tool for the design of lighting systems and optical components. This special edition for general lighting combines versatile state-of-the-art lighting tools with an intuitive design interface and extraordinary accurate photometric raytracing capabilities.

  • computer aided lighting for general lighting application
  • calculate lighting geometry
  • form follows function
  • fast simulation & analysis

LucidShape G Version 2.0

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LucidDrive is a standalone Night Driving Simulation. It makes use of the latest modern graphics hardware technology to show almost photorealistic lighting scenes in real time. The primary function of LucidDrive is to evaluate beam patterns of vehicle headlamps under conditions as realistic as possible. It is an ideal software tool to provide the virtual reality simulation, prior to expensive fabrication and testing.

  • virtual night drive
  • judging headlamp beam pattern
  • develop headlamps in motion (AFS)
  • modules for automatic drive, manual drive and multi screen
  • road editor for easy scene creation

LucidDrive Version 1.6.0

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LucidLite is a flexible tool for the display, analysis and manipulation of all kinds of light data. Simulation results or goniometer measurements of real lighting fixtures can be viewed, edited and converted. It thus covers a specific subarea of LucidShape´s powerful optical design functionality.

  • subset of LucidShape
  • display of light distribution
  • analysis of light
  • light laboratory tool
  • side tool to LucidDrive

LucidLite Version 2.0

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GPUtrace is the new simulation method available in LucidShape. It is similar to the MonteCarlo method using the same options and parameters, but the major advantage is the additional use of the graphic card. Some parts of the computing are transferred to the GPU, where the calculation is magnitudes as fast as on a common CPU due to the special architecture of the GPU.

  • use graphic processor for light ray trace
  • first use of GPU in computer aided lighting
  • up to 30 times fasterdd on module to LucidShape
quoteI am pretty amazed. Normal simulation with 4 processors takes 19 min., same simulation with GPUtrace took 20.8sec. Good job!!!!
Janne Lindholm, Nordic Lightsquote

GPUtrace New

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Brandenburg Services

We offer consultancy and design services to all manufacturers of interior and exterior lighting systems. Integrated in our customers product development projects, we take over CAL design duties within different areas of optical projects.

  • lighting design & consulting
  • automotive and general lighting
  • various technologies from "classical" source to LEDs
  • available network for the complete development process

LucidShape Training sessions 2015

Training Sessions Germany    

September '15 / December '15


September 07-09th, Base Course (language will be English)

September 10-11th, Advanced Course (language will be English)


December 07-09th, Base Course (language will be English)

December 10-11th, Advanced Course (language will be English)


Training information:


Registration page:



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8th User Conference LucidShape / LucidDrive

Mövenpick Airport Hotel Nürnberg

15-16.July 2015

The annual conference is an excellent platform that encourages users to discuss several LucidShape topics with each other.In addition it allows users to recommend new LucidShape developements for automotive and general lighting applications.


Online registration and more detailed information is already available here:

Agenda will be available soon.

LucidShape 2.0

New LucidShape Version 2.0 available


  • Visualize Module
  • Ray Data Viewer
  • Light Pipe Tool
  • Measured BSDF Surface Material Library


for more information please see

7th LucidShape/LucidDrive Userconference 2014

Mövenpick Airport Hotel Nürnberg

9-10.July 2014

The annual conference is an excellent platform that encourages users to discuss several LucidShape topics with each other.In addition it allows users to recommend new LucidShape developements for automotive and general lighting applications.


For more information and Online registration please click here:

George Bayz , Head of OSG Synopsys welcomes Brandenburg GmbH to be part of Synopsys Optical Solutions Group

For more information, please visit the Synopsys News Room. Additional details are provided in the article titled “Brandenburg Acquisition Reflects Synopsys Strategy in Optical Solutions.

LucidShape 1.12.1

New LucidShape Version 1.12.1 available


  • new XP-Windows look for dialogs
  • MF gaps with draft angle, radii, and intersection
  • bird's eye and driver view now with 2 different LIDs
  • in test table output with % of ok
  • matrix beam analyse with LID editor

LucidDrive 1.6.0

New LucidDrive Version 1.6.0 available


  • Remote Dialog via Browser -> control LucidDrive from your tablet or smartphone
  • Enhanced Camera Options and Dialog
  • Vehicle Dynamic Scripts
  • Improved Drivecurve smoothing algorithms
  • Additional Visual Properties Options

LucidShape Training Sessions October/November 2013

3 days LucidShape Training Sessions in Germany     


October 28-30th , Advanced Course (language will be english)

November 11-13th , Base Course (language will be english)

Technologiepark 19
D-33100  Paderborn

Please notice that each Training has to be booked by at least 4 people, otherwise we ask for your understading to cancel the session.


For registration and questions please contact:

Darmstadt, September 2013

Symposia on Automotive Lighting have a long tradition at the Technische Universität Darmstadt. Starting in 1995 the first symposium took place in the “Kekulé” lecture room at the TU Darmstadt. Since then, nearly two decades have elapsed and the location of the event has been changed to the immense and representative new congress centre “darmstadtium”. After having welcomed more than 600 experts at ISAL 2011, it will be our greatest pleasure to welcome all relevant international stakeholders of automotive lighting industry in 2013 again at the tenth anniversary of this well-known conference series.

Brandenburg GmbH is proud to be part of this ISAL 2013 again, which will encourage the exchange between lighting engineers, road safety experts and regulative bodies. They will present the most recent results of research and development to continue the established traditions of this conference to be able to promote a bright future for automotive lighting.

Thank you for meeting us at ISAL 2013!



It was nice to meet you at ISAL 2013

Brandenburg GmbH Team 2013

LucidShape/LucidDrive Userconference 2013, Nürnberg (Germany)

The annual conference was an excellent platform that encourages users to discuss several LucidShape topics with each other. In addition it allows users to recommend new LucidShape developements for automotive and general lighting applications.

We want to thank you to all speakers and attendees of 2013 Userconference!

All Attendees can download the presentations as PDF dokuments here

Userconference 2013


Paderborner LED Straßenbeleuchtung

Begutachten die neue LED-Technik der Paderborner Straßenbeleuchtung (v.l.): Dr. Andreas Bielawny, Brandenburg GmbH, Margit Hoischen, Leiterin Straßen- und Brückenbauamt, Bürgermeister Heinz Paus, Davoud Shahrokhshahi, BöSha GmbH & Co. KG, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kuipers Fachhochschule Südwestfalen, Lars Unnebrink vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung und Andreas Ruprecht, E.ON Westfalen Weser AG.

Innovation bei Paderborner Straßenbeleuchtung

„Neues Lichtzeitalter in Paderborn“

Paderborn (IP). Eine Energieeinsparung von bis zu 50 Prozent, hohes CO2-Einsparpotential, bessere ökonomische und ökologische Verträglichkeit sowie eine höhere Lebensdauer. Das sind die Vorzüge der neuen innovativen LED-Technik der Paderborner Straßenbeleuchtung. Vor der Kulisse des Nachthimmels in der Abtsbrede gab die Stadt gestern den Startschuss für die ersten umgerüsteten Straßenlampen. In einer Feierstunde wurde die von heimischen Unternehmen entwickelte Technik der Stadt übergeben. Bis zu 1000 weitere Straßenlampen in der Innenstadt sollen in den nächsten Monaten umgerüstet werden. Die Stadt ist bei dem Projekt von der Brandenburg GmbH Paderborn, der BöSha GmbH & Co. KG Rüthen und der E.ON Westfalen Weser AG unterstützt worden.

Bereits 2010 ist Paderborn auf der Fachmesse „Light + Building“ in Frankfurt als eine der zehn Gewinner des vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) ausgeschriebenen LED-Wettbewerbs „Kommunen in neuem Licht“ ausgezeichnet worden. Das Projekt „Paderborner LED Straßenbeleuchtung“ konnte sich aus 141 eingesandten Projektvorschlägen mit einem innovativen Konzept zum Austausch alter Straßenbeleuchtung gegen neue LED-Leuchten mit moderner Chip-Technik und intelligenter, adaptiver Steuerung hervorheben. Der innovative Projektvorschlag wurde mit einer Fördersumme von zwei Millionen Euro belohnt.

„Das ist auch eine regionale Erfolgsgeschichte,“ erklärt Bürgermeister Heinz Paus, der zusammen mit Lars Unnebrink vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung die neue Technologie in Augenschein nahm. „Diese gemeinschaftliche Arbeit heimischer mittelständischer Unternehmen hat wieder einmal die Innovationskraft unserer Stadt und Region bewiesen. Die neue Lampentechnologie ist ein weiterer Schritt, um gemeinsam erfolgreich die Energiewende zu gestalten.“

Lars Unnebrink lobte das Paderborner Leuchtenprojekt und sprach von einem „Einstieg Paderborns in ein neues Lichtzeitalter,“ und setzte fort: „Das Projekt ist eine echte Neuentwicklung, die sich gerade dadurch von allen anderen eingereichten Projekten abhebt.“ Dr. Andreas Bielawny: Weil es eine technisch riskante Aufgabe gewesen sei, sei es deswegen auch auszeichnungswürdig, so der Fachmann der Brandenburg GmbH, zuständig für die Lichtberechnung und Optik. Zudem seien die neuen Lampen nicht nur nach aktueller DIN-Norm entwickelt worden - sie würden auch zukünftige Standards erfüllen können. Die Rüthener Firma BöSha GmbH & Co. KG übernahm dabei den elektronischen Part. Der Projektpartner E.ON Westfalen Weser AG war ebenso an dem Entwicklungsprozess beteiligt und ist seit vielen Jahren enger Partner der Stadt. In der Paderstadt und den Stadtteilen ist das Unternehmen als zuverlässiger Energiedienstleister für die Wartung und Instandhaltung der mehr als 18.000 Lichtpunkte zuständig.

Prof. Dr. Kuipers von der Fachhochschule Südwestfalen bescheinigte der Technik eine insgesamt höhere Lichtausbeute und den Vorzug, das Lichtspektrum mit den neuen LED-Lampen passgenauer auf die Umgebung abstimmen zu können. In seinem Vortrag stellte er auch Untersuchungsergebnisse vor, die der LED-Technologie eine geringere Beeinflussung der Umwelt bescheinigen: „Das künstliche Licht der Leuchtdioden zieht deutlich weniger Insekten an, als herkömmliche Straßenlampen.“

Innerhalb von 18 Monaten soll das Projekt umgesetzt werden und dabei an mehr als 1.000 Peitschenlampen die Leuchtstoffröhren durch moderne LED-Leuchten ersetzt werden. Nach dem Startschuss in der Abtsbrede werden Leuchten in der gesamten Kernstadt folgen. Der Ausbau erfolgt in drei Stufen, wobei die erste Stufe das nördliche Stadtgebiet und die zweite den süd-östlichen Teil der Paderstadt betrifft. Die Macher dieses LED-Projektes rechnen damit, dass sie durch die Umrüstung 30 bis 50 Prozent Energie einsparen werden. Schon in der Vergangenheit hat die Stadt Paderborn große Anstrengungen unternommen, um bei der Straßenbeleuchtung Energie zu sparen. Die Stadt liegt dadurch mit ihrem derzeitigen Energieverbrauch bereits etwa 18 Prozent unter dem Bundesdurchschnitt.

Beitrag Radio Hochstift

Beitrag "Neue Westfälische"


Userconference 2013/ DVN Workshop, January Farmington Hills (USA)

DVN Workshop
Userconference 2013

Subsequented to the DVN Workshop in Rochester, the annual conference was held in Farmington Hills.

It was an excellent platform that encourages users to discuss several LucidShape topics with each other. In addition it allows users to recommend new LucidShape developements for automotive and general lighting applications.

We want to thank you to all speakers and attendees of 2013 Userconference!

This unique event focused on «Innovations for a better light» will bring together around 200 worldwide participants  involved in lighting: directors, managers, experts, researchers and technicians.

An exceptional line-up of International guests and speakers will be present for the occasion, representing our global lighting community. Lectures will include presentations from international and Chinese lighting experts.


Brandenburg GmbH takes part in this event as a Sponsor, we are pleased to welcome customer and interested parties to this Workshop and exhibition!



LucidShape 1.11.1 / LucidDrive 1.5.1

New versions for LucidShape, 1.11.1 and LucidDrive, 1.5.1 with various new features are available!

Please use the Download Center or contact :

Because of the many new features, we made a small presentation for you to see the advance in technology:

please click here

Userconferences in Taiwan and China

original picture
created with image lens
Userconference Taiwan
Userconference China

LucidShape Presentation  for General Lighting Sector


It is first time to have presentation to general lighting industries, with more than 25 attendees, from lens makers. LCD monitor makers, project makers and so on.

They all where surprised about LucidShape simulation speed and the friendly userinterface.

Furthermore all attendee where truely interested in creation of lens optics.


A quick demo of the ImageLens module of LucidShape showed the powerful creation of a FreeForm lens. A picture of the audience was used as input into ImageLens. The simulation result in LucidShape shows how good such a picture can be shaped by the lens. The algorithm took less than 2 minutes in fast mode to calculate the lens.

Userconferense Taiwan


We see lots of progress in LucidShape, with its advanced design tools, it almost makes all optical design jobs more effient and easier.


Usermeeting and Presentation LucidShape China



Many interested people from all parts of optical industries took part in the offered events from LucidBright Technologies in Cooperation with Brandenburg GmbH.

Detailed discussions with LucidShape users where as well part of the meetings as well as many questions from interested potential users.

It is hard to find that people working at lamp makers do not know LucidShape!


Middle East Smart Lighting & Energy Summit

Brandenburg GmbH took part in the first Middle East Smart Lighting & Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi City.

Oneimportant topic were the possibilities of LED Street lighting!

"We have seen a lot of opportunities to improve ourselves in terms of sustainability," said Abdullah Al Shamsi, executive director of municipal infrastructure and assets at Abu Dhabi Municipality.

"One of those opportunities is lighting. We have a programme for the entire city to be really sustainable in terms of lighting."

Mr Al Shamsi was speaking at the Middle East Smart Lighting and Energy Summit, an industry event in the capital that finishes today.

Sponsor of VISION 2012

Brandenburg invites you to visit VISION 2012

LucidShape 1.11.0 / LucidDrive 1.5.0

New versions for LucidShape, 1.11.0 and LucidDrive, 1.5.0 with various new features are available!

Please use the Download Center or contact :

New Partner in Korea

Brandenburg GmbH is pleased to introduce 

Moasoft Corp

as new Reseller for Korea!

more information here

LIGHTFAIR International 2012

Industry professionals from around the world poured in to experience first-hand the cutting-edge technologies, products and educational offerings that will define lighting design and integrated solutions for the industry for years to come.


In cooperation with our US-Reseller, Beacon Concepts LLC, Brandenburg GmbH had a successfull show and looks forward to join LIGHTFAIR in 2013.


Thank you for visiting us!

Beacon Concepts LLC / Brandenburg GmbH

booth # 4151